El Nuevo Herald, the spanish version of the Miami Herald, does a strong profile article about "The Face of the Spanish Super Bowl."

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Super Bowl volunteers will be the friendly face of the great festival of football in February. A face that surely must have a huge smile Hispanic.

"It's a great opportunity for people to become involved in the Super Bowl and ProBowl'' 'said Leslie Nixon, director of Volunteer Services Committee of the Super Bowl." We want the community to participate in this event. Definitely there will be many people behind the racks.''

The sporting events, covering the counties of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, require the work of 6,000 to 8,000 people and is estimated to bring to the local economy more than $400 million.

"Any city in United States and would like to have a SuperBowl in his books''said Rodney Barreto, chairman of the Super Bowl Host Committee 2010, a nonprofit group that deals with regional planning." We people are friendly and open, any ethnic group. Everyone is welcome.''

Super Bowl XLIV will be played on February 7 at Dolphin Stadium and will come with some developments on the ground.

There will host the Game of Stars of the NFL (Pro Bowl) the week before the match for the title, an opportunity that surfloridanos not have 35 years.

The voluntary program includes three options: ambassador airports, hotels and special events.

Airport Ambassadors will welcome tourists and national delegations and international air terminals at Fort Lauderdale / Hollywood, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach.

We also provide information about the game, local transportation and mobility.
Ambassadors Hotel distribute first-hand information from the centers of the hotel guests who visit South Florida for the 2010 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIV.

While the ambassadors of special events will be responsible for creating a hospitable environment in parallel NFL and the Host Committee, which will take place from January 26 and will run until the week of competition.

To register as a volunteer must be over 18 years before November 30 of 2009 and undergo a background check of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Working hours may be chosen according to the activities and obligations of each participant, however, a minimum of every ambassador includes at least two shifts of five hours.




The mission of the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee is to prepare the South Florida region to host Super Bowl XLIV, the Record-Breaking 10th Super Bowl in South Florida, and to fulfill all bid obligations to the National Football League.

The South Florida Host Committee, together with the South Florida region, will work as one community utilizing national media coverage and increased tourism to: more effectively market our destination, increase the regional economy, encourage community involvement and support local business development.

Our community effort will create a better quality of life for all residents and position South Florida as the premier site to host future Super Bowls.

What do you love most about South Florida?


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