It's true. In about a month and a half, Super Bowl will roll into South Florida for a record-breaking 10th time. It's all gone by so fast, with the NFL regular season quickly drawing to a close and teams positioning themselves for playoff aspirations. To think that in the next forty days we will witness the most deserving AFC and NFC teams in Super Bowl XLIV.

Next week will mark the final chapter in the 2009 NFL season; at the same time it will mark the beginning of the postseason journey few NFL teams will embark on. A journey that will lead to Dolphin Stadium on February 7, 2010 - where fans from all over will descend on to be a part of Super Bowl history.

And let's not forget about Pro Bowl, which will also be coming to South Florida the week before Super Bowl Sunday. For two consecutive weeks, South Florida will be the Mecca of the pro sports world, hosting two tremendous primetime events.

So stay in touch. Next thing you know the NFL's all-stars will be riding into town followed by the AFC and NFC champions. Crazy, but true.



The mission of the South Florida Super Bowl Host Committee is to prepare the South Florida region to host Super Bowl XLIV, the Record-Breaking 10th Super Bowl in South Florida, and to fulfill all bid obligations to the National Football League.

The South Florida Host Committee, together with the South Florida region, will work as one community utilizing national media coverage and increased tourism to: more effectively market our destination, increase the regional economy, encourage community involvement and support local business development.

Our community effort will create a better quality of life for all residents and position South Florida as the premier site to host future Super Bowls.

What do you love most about South Florida?


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